Hermelindo Fiaminghi


He works in Benazzato´s lithography studio.


As a lithographer, he works until 1944 at Companhia Lithographica Ypiranga.
He is amazed to observe Lasar Segall executing the lithographs of the Mangue series.


He becomes a student of painter Angelo Simeone at the Associação Paulista de Belas Artes, another key motivator of his work.


He works at the Graphicars F. Lanzara printshop.


He begins to work at Indústria Gráfica Siqueira Salles Oliveira & Cia.


He creates his own printing business, Graphstudio Ltda., which he sells in 1948. In the same period, he takes a course in advertising at Associação Paulista de Propaganda and attends the Instituto de Ciências e Letras Inglesa (Redschow School).


He is appointed as art director at Lintas International Advertising S.A. dedicating himself to the visual advertising programming of Gessy-Lever until 1952.

Meets Joaquim Alves, an advertising draftsmen, who stimulates him to paint, and together they go out to draw in the streets of São Paulo.

Reads the main foreign publications in the area, such as the modernist magazine Art & Industry, which keeps him abreast of information concerning current contributions to graphic and visual art, with a special focus on the work of contemporary designers and photographers.